Do the Right Thing

My kids are grown up and moved away. Many times they remind me of a little saying I used to say. I frequently forget about these sayings but they remember them and sometimes remind me of them.

One of those sayings is “Do the right thing”.  When dropping they kids off at an activity or school or saying goodbye to them as they departed for their day I would send them off with this saying: “do the right thing”. Doing the right thing is not just a command but a saying that causes one to ponder about the actions they take. It causes one to ponder about the decisions you make throughout your activity or day.

Many times we go throughout our day in an automatic way. Making decisions based on impulse. How would be if we changed our day so that every time we made a decision we made it with the question “is this the right thing”? How would this change our decisions? How much better would our day turn out if we choose to do the “right” thing.

In a blog by the career site Ladders, B. Hardy wrote a piece of advice that suggests that we ask ourselves one question everyday. His question pointed to an example of the British Olympic rowing team who had not won a medal since 1912. The team decided that in anticipation of the 2000 Olympic games, they would ask one question about each decision they made. “Will it make the boat go faster”? They used this question for each decision. In the decision of what to eat, where to enjoy themselves or any decision throughout the day: “Will it make the boat go faster”? They used this slogan for the team as they prepared for the 2000 Olympic games. As it turns out, the British rowing team destroyed the competition. (This 1 question will make every decision in your life easier)

Will the decisions I make today be the right thing? Will this decision be the one that makes a difference. We don’t recall everything we say or do throughout the day, just like saying to my kids “Do the right thing”. We make decisions all the time. Let’s ask ourselves the question, is this the right thing. Will the make my boat go faster. Those decisions can effect the outcome on our day and on others in ways we don’t always remember. Make every decision today and everyday with the question, will what I’m doing be the right thing? Who knows, your decision may not only be good for you but for others too. Now, GO DO THE RIGHT THING.